“I never travel without my rucksack.

One must always have something sensational to rummage in on the train.” Thanks to Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Being Ernest.

So, the bags are packed, the photocopies taken of important documents, last-minute checks that medication is all labelled and packed securely, rucksacks weighed and the last proper cup of tea for a month drunk.

As to this bag weighing? The baggage allowance is 30 kilos for hold luggage and 7 kilos for hand luggage. Minor panics arose when, looking at the scales, I saw that my rucksack was well past the 30 on the dial and my day bag was well over 10. Foolish, foolish woman. Having borrowed the scales, I had not realised they were in imperial weights, not metric. And thinking about it I’m not sure I could pick up my rucksack if it weighed 30 kilos.

By teatime on Thursday, Beth and I will be on the other side of the world in Christchurch, New Zealand, leaving Duncan and Twearly to some peace and quiet. Lucie is working to see if she can organise for the comic we have produced (http://drawnoutthinking.net/2015/02/22/louises-a-to-z-of-parkinsons/) to be published as a book and Max and Sian are doing wedding planning. We’ll never be missed.

The plan is to tour around gently, eat nice food and get some sun. We’ll let you know how we get on.

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